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Hi there 👋, thanks for visiting my blog!

I am Bruno Hildenbrand, a Solutions Architect passionate about technology and free/open-source software. I am an advocate of self-improvement, lifelong learning, continuous growth and knowledge sharing. Here are some of the things you will find on this blog:

Why blog about Open-Source?

I believe that the only by leveraging free/open-source software, organizations around the world can build modern, reliable and scalable products. Open-source software is also key to drive innovation and a major enabler in emerging technologies.

Why Free/Open-Source software?

I also believe that free/open-source software is the best solution for digital illiteracy due to its free, open and inclusive nature. With my blogs, I'd like foster Linux and free/open-source software helping people and organizations around the world to leverage these fantastic technologies.

Reaching out

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub or create an issue in my public inbox.

About the Author

Bruno Hildenbrand      
Principal Architect, HildenCo Solutions.