Monday, July 23, 2018

Patching RavenDB Metadata

On this post, let's understand how simple it is to patch the metadata of your documents using RavenDB Studio
On a previous post we talked about how to query metadata using RavenDB. Now, let's take a look at some ways to patch our metadata in RavenDB.

Patching Records with RavenDB

Patching records is RavenDB can be easy or less easy =). The easy way is doing it from RavenDB Studio. There you can do it by collection or index and write some JavaScript to it.

Patching using RavenDB Studio

Here's a simple example on how I can patch the Name and IsActivated fields in my Users collection:

Patching metadata using RavenDB Studio

But, you may be required to patch the metadata, how to do it? The answer is: Using the @metadata dictionary. Let's take a look.

Final Thoughts

In the example above, we're updating the document metadata property "Raven-Clr-Type" with "MyApp.Core.User, MyApp.Core":

this["@metadata"]["Raven-Clr-Type"] = "MyApp.Core.User, MyApp.Core";

You can obviously patch whatever you want in your metadata. In the previous example, I was patching the namespace of an entity that was refactored in my application.

Hope it helps!

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